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Sustainability is deeply rooted in our corporate strategy. Our corporate strategy, which builds on the idea of sustainable growth, rests on the four pillars of our sustainability agenda: footprint, innovation, sourcing and care. Concrete goals to be reached by 2025 have been established for each pillar (More about it here). These are also reflected in our material topics, which are in turn derived in part from the SDGs. With this comprehensive approach, our business model combines economic success with sustainable governance and social acceptance.


The Symrise Sustainability Board is the global and cross-business committee that helps integrate sustainability principles more strongly in our core processes. Under the chairmanship of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), representatives from management come together within this framework multiple times per year to ensure that sustainab­ility-relevant topics and the concerns of our important stakeholder groups are considered along the entire value chain.

The Sustainability Board sets sustainability objectives, which are then directly implemented in the respective divisions. The Executive Board and the Sustainability Board have appointed sustainability officers for the Flavor, Nutrition and Scent & Care business segments as well one representative each for the staff departments of Human Resources, Finance/Investor Relations and Corporate Communications. The direct responsibility for strategy lies with the Chief Executive Officer of Symrise AG, who receives regular reports on the progress of all sustainability activities. We manage sustainability in corporate processes using our Integrated Management System. This is based on the international standards on quality (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001), work safety (OHSAS 18001), sustainability (ISO 26000), energy (ISO 50001), social responsibility (SA 8000), the generally accepted audit standards of the Global Food Safety Ini­tiative (GFSI) and other recognized local standards.


We continuously promote our approach to sustainability in all areas of the company by agreeing on specific sustainability objectives for all managers which are integrated into individual performance goals. In order to anchor this topic within the organization and in all employees, we routinely conduct various activities at our sites. During Symrise Sustainability Day, employees present practical examples of how their respective departments implement sustainable development processes. Furthermore, a global network of more than 100 Sustainability Ambassadors draws attention to our sustainability agenda. In addition to implementing strategic, Group-wide goals, the network pro­motes targeted initiatives at our corporate locations on energy and waste management; climate, water and environmental protection; and occupational health and safety, for example.



For the sixth time in a row, the rating agency EcoVadis awarded Symrise its coveted Gold status for proven sustainability. In 2019 as well, we met the rating agency’s steadily rising standards, and even improved our overall rating in the areas of the environment, social aspects, ethics and sustainability in the supply chain. This puts Symrise in the top 1 % of all com­panies evaluated in the chemical sector worldwide.

FTSE4Good Index

The FTSE4Good Index includes the securities of companies that achieve outstanding results in the areas of the environment, social aspects and corporate governance (ESG). The Symrise share has been included in the index, which is closely watched by investors, since the end of 2015. At a regular audit in June 2019, Symrise received the highest possible rating of “A” in most categories.


In continuation of its sustainability assessment by the former oekom Research AG, which was acquired in 2018 by international sustainability rating agency ISS ESG, Symrise continues to hold the coveted Prime status. This is awarded for superior company performance, taking into consideration “E” (Environmental), “S” (Social) and “G” (Governance) criteria. Currently, only 609 companies worldwide have been awarded ISS ESG’s Prime status.


Symrise has been part of the ETHIBEL Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe for over seven years now; this distinction was confirmed again in March 2019. The assessment is based on analyses by the European sustainability rating agency VIGEO EIRIS. The index tracks the shares of 200 European companies that hold a leading position in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It serves as a compass for institutional investors who place value on sustainable investments.


The US-based company MSCI is an internationally leading sustainability rating agency and provider of highly respected sustainability share indices. Since 2015, MSCI has ranked Symrise in the coveted “A” category, which attests to its above-average sustainability performance. MSCI highlights in its analysis the fact that Symrise is very committed to climate protection and pursues ambitious goals in this area. It also praises our company’s good corporate governance and responsible handling of hazardous materials.


The sustainability performance of Symrise is continuously analyzed and measured in detail by the international rating company SUSTAINALYTICS. Over 200 financial service pro­viders and institutional investors across Europe use the services of the rating agency as a basis for decisions related to investment or credit. SUSTAINALYTICS considers Symrise an “outperformer” in the industry – in terms of our sustainabi­­lity performance, these analysts rank us 17th among 129 companies. Special mention is given to the performance of Symrise in the areas of environment and corporate governance as well as the sustainability reporting of our company.