Governance | 102-27

Collective knowledge of highest governance body

When nominating candidates for election to the Supervisory Board, particular attention was paid to the knowledge, skills and professional experience required for the duties to be performed, as well as to the principle of diversity among the Supervisory Board’s members. The current Supervisory Board at Symrise AG includes eight independent members and four women: Ms. Buck, Ms. Kurtgil, Prof. Dr. Pfeifer and Ms. Püttcher. The Supervisory Board will continue to attempt to implement the regulations specified in the Act on the Equal Participation of Women and Men in Management Positions in Private Economy and Public Service, which was passed by the German Bundestag on February 6, 2015, and the Bundesrat on March 27, 2015, insofar as it concerns the composition of the Supervisory Board and with the support of corresponding nominations regarding the election of the shareholder representatives by the Annual General Meeting and the election of employee representatives by the staff.