Market Presence | 202-2

Proportion of senior management hired from the local community

We are convinced that we can find well-qualified local employees in any country in which we operate in order to move our business forward. We trust in the local, country-specific professional training and expertise. If international assignments are made, these are made for the purpose of know-how transfer and international skills acquisition of our employees.

The vast majority of our employees and managers, including our senior management (first and second level of management beneath the Executive Board), comes from the respective country of each Symrise location around the world. This means that we recruit employees who were educated in the respective country and have gained professional experience in the respective region or even internationally.

Over 90 % of the management staff is from the local area. Respective national working conditions apply to this group. In addition, we employ expatriates for the primary purpose of ensuring know-how transfer from the central research and development units. In 2019,120 employee worldwide worked in a different country than their original home country.

We define senior management as our regional presidents and those managers who lead the respective legal entities in various countries. Our senior management works at the regional head office. Germany is the regional head office for Europe. The United States is the regional head office for North America. Brazil is the regional head office for Latin America and Singapore is the regional head office for Asia.