Materials | 301-3

Reclaimed products and their packaging materials

Symrise is aware of, and complies with, all legal regulations for plastic packaging. Although our use of plastic packaging is minimal compared to our production volume, we encourage all our locations to participate in reduction or recycling activities while continuing to maintain the safety of our products and the environment. We are constantly looking for solutions to reduce our packaging costs, and we work with our partners on innovative and circular solutions. Internally, we encourage all of our employees at all of the business sites to replace single-use plastics with eco-friendly alternatives.

We have implemented several measures to reduce our waste volumes: One is the efficient use of recyclable packaging. Wherever possible, we deliver our products in large containers that we take back, clean and reuse. For small containers, we use disposable packaging for logistical reasons. Symotion GmbH, our logistics services subsidiary, optimizes this packaging continuously in respect of both the economic and ecological criteria as well as product and occupational safety aspects.