Water and Effluents | 303-1

Interactions with water as a shared resource

We are aware that water is a scarce resource in many regions and that this situation will intensify in the future, for example, in Mexico, parts of South Africa or on the Indian subcontinent. In these countries first and foremost, we will make sure that our water consumption and our wastewater do not harm this valuable resource.

We are not aware of any material impact on water quality or water availability resulting from water withdrawal or the disposal of wastewater at other production facilities around the world.

As a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Symrise supports the CEO Water Mandate to promote the protection and sustainable use of freshwater bodies and resources in our direct business activities along our value chains.

According to our water policy, Symrise is committed to the following:

  • Ensuring compliance with water-related legislation and voluntary standards in the countries in which we are active
  • Sustainable use of freshwater resources taking into account the regeneration rates of local waters and sources
  • Regular analysis, monitoring, control and sustainable management of water quality and the number of output and input
  • Raising awareness among our customers, suppliers and other interest groups about the critical importance of water for sustainable development and company success
  • Integration of water-related performance criteria into our supplier screening
  • Informing customers about the water output of the compounds and ingredients they buy from Symrise
  • Promoting collaboration between multiple interest groups in the area of water management
  • Performing regular water risk assessments of our operations and value chains
  • Improving water efficiency at all production locations in areas with high water stress in line with local water availability for human and environmental needs
  • Fully functional WASH services for every employee and visitor of our company
  • Promote sustainable innovation along our value chains that contribute to the conservation of freshwater resources and the protection of water quality and the aquatic environment

Accordingly, we have set the following goal for ourselves for 2025:

  • Increase the efficiency of water consumption at all production sites in arid regions by 15 % (2018–2025)