Training and Education | 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

Management Approach 2016 (Disclosure 103-1, 103-2, 103-3)

Symrise places special emphasis on educating young people. For this purpose, we recruit qualified young individuals who we specifically train with our company’s needs in mind. And with this approach, we fulfill an obligation that society as a whole holds toward the next generation. As of December 31, 2019, a total of 137 apprentices and trainees were employed at our sites in Germany. This corresponds to a training rate of around 5 %.

Depending on the occupation, training lasts two to three years. All trainees are taken on at least temporarily after completing their training if they meet our minimum requirements regarding the material learned. With our investment in training, we are meeting the demand for future specialists in chemical production and in the laboratories as well as in commercial, marketing and sales functions. Based on their specific knowledge, we are currently training two distillers and two food technology specialists for our beverage area.

We have structured our training capacity in a way that allows around 45 young people to start training at Symrise every year. Of these, 24 are trained for chemical-technical professions, another 10 for technical and logistics occupations and 12 young people for commercial occupations. Some of the business trainees are also trained at our European sites as part of their training. In 2019, Symrise received an award as a training company that systematically promotes cross-border mobility in vocational training and instruction.

In addition to initial training, we open up new perspectives by offering dual studies in both business administration (currently 16 employees of all three years are working toward a Bachelor of Business Administration) and in the chemical-technical field (two employees working toward a Bachelor of Science). Through our training efforts, we are clearly working to mitigate the demographic change in our company.

In addition, we qualify our employees via comprehensive training measures. Lifelong learning is something our employees are always engaged in. German language instruction has played a particularly important role in integrating foreign employees. Furthermore, we offer English courses for our production employees and for employees of TESIUM, among other things, so that they can use international work instructions and also work for Symrise at our foreign sites. A wide scope of the international range of training courses offered covered occupational safety training and the handling of hazardous substances. Management training courses are also offered in all regions, supplemented by coaching and mentoring measures. In 2019, around 7,170 participants took part in internal and external training courses. Globally, the total number of hours for training courses amounted to around 37,350 hours (both disclosures without the Diana Group), so that each participant received an average of 5.2 hours of training. Approximately 2,870 participants were women. In addition to traditional training programs, we also train our employees via international assignments. In 2019, the number of international assignments with 122 employees remained at an unchanged high level.

Our commitment to training and personal development measures is paying off for us as a company, because today we are recruiting the next generation of top-level managers almost exclusively from our own ranks. Our guidelines allow for 80 % internal recruitment, while 20 % is to be from outside the company.

At our flavorist and perfumer school, we are constantly training experts who are trained over a period of around three years and then can be successfully inserted into our product development teams. In addition, our employees have diverse opportunities for completing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree alongside their work through cooperation agreements with universities, academies and institutes. In 2019, 21 Symrise employees were supported in such qualification measures.