Training and Education | 404-2

Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programs

Symrise consistently orients the qualification of its employees toward professional and work-related skill sets. As a result, each employee receives skills-oriented feedback as part of their annual performance review. The underlying skills here are entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, creativity and innovative spirit, business and customer orientation as well as integrity and sustainability. The supervisor also provides constructive professional feedback once a year.

In addition, we have defined function-specific expertise for departments like Sales and Purchasing.

Once a year, we ask our employees and senior executives to conduct a development meeting, which we call a Career Development Review, where we invite our employees to openly communicate their professional ambitions to their supervisor. We base our development assessment on a skills matrix, which is specially designed for managerial development and evaluates transactional and transformational leadership skills.

In our talent review, we link the individual career desires of individual employees with the organizational development of our divisions. For this purpose, we have defined key positions in the company that are essential to the business, for which we systematically identify and develop potential successors as part of career planning.

Globally, our training activities are pooled under the Symrise Academy, which consists of four strategic pillars:

  • Flavorist and perfumer school
  • Technical/specialist training for our employees
  • Training for sales personnel
  • Development of managerial staff

Our flavorist and perfumer school has enjoyed great success around the world. Every year, young employees complete their training as junior flavorists or perfumers. We currently have six candidates in our perfumer school who are completing their training.

Our Future Generation Leadership Program provides our next generation of managers for senior leadership positions with tailor-made training opportunities. In 2019, the third group of training participants completed their training strategy and leadership training. This training is designed with a European business school and extends modularly over about 18 months with various training focal points.

We also employ methods such as coaching and mentoring as professional development tools. Mentors are in a unique position to pass on their valuable experience to their (mostly younger) mentees. Furthermore, suitable managers from various divisions are trained as coaches so they can act as sounding boards for employees who are taking on career challenges. Furthermore, we also want to develop the personal competencies of our employees in the sense of lifelong learning. Thatʼs why we offer a diverse continuing educational program that ranges from safety training and language courses to project management and IT classes. In doing so, we link our information and training program with our in-house health management.

We assist employees who are leaving the company during their transition phase, dependent upon their reason for leaving the company. If an employee is leaving because they have reached the regular retirement age, then they receive a pension, which was built up with company support, in accordance with the local legal and operational provisions. If the employee’s position has been terminated due to operational reasons, Symrise guarantees a severance package that conforms to local statutory and company standards as compensation for the job loss. If the employee leaves the company for performance reasons, Symrise assists this employee on a case-by-case basis by offering outplacement services for adjusting to the job market and finding a new job.