Supplier Social Assessment | 414-2

Negative social impacts in the supply chain and actions taken

Symrise has declared its goal to review all suppliers in terms of social criteria. In 2019, 100 % of our main suppliers were evaluated according to sustainability criteria based on procurement volume.

We carry out audits for suppliers that pose an especially notable risk, that have crucial raw materials or that have had problems flagged in the assessment. The number of annual supplier audits are between 120 and 150. These are performed by trained and experienced internal supply audit teams. Additionally, we request at least 50 suppliers annually to carry out SEDEX/SMETA audits by verified, independent audit agencies. The focus here is on environmental issues in addition to product safety, quality management, work safety, health and social responsibility. If suppliers don’t meet our defined standards, we jointly develop and implement improvement measures. If these standards are still not upheld after such attempts, the business relationship is terminated as a last resort. All new suppliers fill out a supplier survey that contains questions on environmental issues. During the risk assessment process, we rely on environmental criteria to evaluate existing suppliers as well as the socioeconomic and ecological situation in their respective countries. In 2019, there were no cases of our suppliers causing any notable negative environmental impact.