Animal Welfare | FP12

Policies and practices on antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, hormone, and/or growth promotion treatments, by species and breed type

As a company, we are not involved in animal husbandry, nor do we slaughter any animals ourselves (regarding the supply chain, see 414-2). The dogs and cats housed by our Nutrition segment are primarily experts in sensory and behavioral assessment of pet food and care, while fish and shrimp in the Diana Aqua segment are used to assess product performance.

If needed, our dogs and cats receive antibiotics and anti-inflammatory treatment. The animals are kept exclusively as subjects for pet food and care tests. After an average of five years, the animals enter the adoption program to live with families.

Any treatments comply with the legal provisions of the attending veterinarian. They are always performed by animal caretakers and trained specialists. All treatments are documented in the respective individual files and the general register for each facility.

The Diana Aqua division does not use antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs or hormones. The goal of fish and shrimp tests is rather to demonstrate the advantages of our products. Achieving this goal would be impaired or invalidated by the use of such substances for the reduction of mortality rates or resistance to environmental influences in breeding.