Occupational Health and Safety | 403-9

Work-related injuries

Accidents and their causes are evaluated regularly and reported to management. The rate of paid illness-related absences of Symrise AG employees in Germany amounted to 4.8 % in 2019. Accordingly, we are below the absenteeism rate for the chemical industry of 5.8 % (disclosures by the German umbrella organization of company health insurance funds/chemical industry).

We do not report on occupational illnesses separately.

In order to improve the worldwide performance in the area of occupational health and safety, the concept of a zero-accident culture was introduced in 2017. Upper and midlevel managers were trained in the methods and programs of a zero-accident culture in special workshops. The programs and measures are discussed in regular meetings. Essential components of this program are management safety visits for the first and second management level of the entire company. For example, in the Nutrition sector a program was established over a five-year period to reach the ambitious goal of MAQ < 1.5 by 2025.

Number of Accidents (MAQ)* Accident Severity (USQ)*
2014 4.8 112
2015 3.9 49
2016 3.8 50
2017 4.7 64
2018 4.1 56
2019 4.3 65
* Employees worldwide;
MAQ = Accidents subject to reporting requirements (>‚ÄČ1 work day) x 1,000,000/working hours
USQ = Sick days x 1,000,000/working hours