Occupational Health and Safety | 403-10

Work-related ill health

We are aware that work-related illnesses exist at Symrise, such as strains to the back or musculoskeletal system or psychological strain through stress. The most frequently occurring types of injuries in 2019 involved back pain, muscle disorders, twisted ankles, tripping, falling, sprayed liquids and injuries due to the handling of tools.

Both at the senior corporate level and through our local operational health teams, we are working intensively on minimizing the existing risks and introducing targeted measures. We monitor our absences through monthly reports on absenteeism. We use average sick leave for the company health insurance funds of the chemical industry as a benchmark for evaluating sick leave in the company. Sick leave at Symrise is at an average level for the chemical industry under corresponding working conditions, such as shift work. Therefore, we can say that Symrise has a normal situation with sick leave.

In the F&F industry, the handling of hazardous substances is part of the daily routine. Symrise documents the resulting risks and, by means of globally recognized risk minimization plans, ensures safe and secure workplaces and safe and healthy work for all its employees. Furthermore, we take care that no one with a weather-related cold may work in food production areas.

The tolerance limits of workplace exposure pose tremendous challenges to our employees who work with hazardous materials. Wherever possible, Symrise reduces the risk of exposure. Hazardous materials in recipes are replaced if possible or at least reduced.

Symrise does not have an illness reporting system for occupational diseases which comprises all employee of the Group and external employees whose job and/or workplace is controlled by the company.