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Average hours of training per year per employee

At Symrise we qualify our employees for their daily work via comprehensive training measures. Lifelong learning supports our employees throughout their careers.

German language instruction has played a particularly important role in integrating foreign employees. Furthermore, we offer English courses, among other things, for our production employees and for the employees of TESIUM, so that they can use international work instructions. A wide scope of the international range of training courses offered covered occupational safety training and the handling of hazardous substances. Management training courses are also offered in all regions, supplemented by coaching and mentoring measures. In 2019, around 7,170 participants took part in internal and external training courses. Globally, the total number of hours for training courses amounted to around 37,350 hours (both disclosures without the Diana Group), so that each participant received an average of about 5.2 hours of training. Approximately 2,870 participants were women. Training courses were also carried out online in 2019 compared to the previous year. This makes it easier for us to expand the legally required training courses as well as the courses for further employee qualification; it is also climate-friendly as less travel is required compared to our classroom-based events.

In addition to traditional training programs, we also train our employees via international assignments. In 2019, the number of international assignments, at around 122 employees, remained at an unchanged high level.

The training content also includes practical workshops specifically on sustainability for managers, who then convey the knowledge they gained to their teams.

We have also intensified investments in the training of future specialists. For one thing, we accepted 45 young people in 2019 for initial apprenticeship training. For another, in cooperation with the local job center, we have trained unemployed individuals from outside the field as chemical production specialists. This apprenticeship training lasts about two years. In 2019, we launched a new initiative for the training of approximately 16 people as chemical production specialists. We hereby pursue our social responsibility for those groups of individuals leaving school without a certificate who otherwise would not have been given a trainee position and who, as unskilled workers, would only have been employed in auxiliary work.

As of December 31, 2019, a total of 137 apprentices and trainees were employed at our sites in Germany. This corresponds to a training rate of around 5 %.