Animal Welfare | FP9

Percentage and total of animals raised and/or processed, by species and breed type

As a company, we are not involved in animal husbandry, nor do we slaughter any animals ourselves (regarding the supply chain, see 414-2). The dogs and cats held by our Nutrition segment are primarily experts in sensory and behavioral assessment of pet food and care, while fish and shrimp in the Diana Aqua segment are used to assess product performance.

Every year, breeders and owners select dogs and cats according to set criteria. Our goal is to provide a representative cross-section of breed diversity on the various continents. Wherever possible, the animals do not belong to certain breeds that are known for their tendency to develop health or behavioral problems. Our dogs and cats are acquired after a weaning period and are identified by tattoos and microchips. All animals remain in quarantine before they join the Panelis program.

At Diana Aqua, we conduct product tests of fish and shrimp primarily in order to investigate growth behavior. For each test design, the 3R rule (reduce, refine and replace) is used to enable a more ethical approach to animals. Overall, the annual growth weight of the fish and shrimp used in the tests is less than 250 kg.